The European Day of Languages at Jāņa Eglīša Preiļu Valsts ģimnāzija

The European Day of Languages (EDL) has been marked since 2001. It is an annual celebration day to encourage language learning across Europe. At the initiative of the Council of Europe, EDL has been celebrated every year, on 26 September.

The specific aims of the EDL are to:

  • raise awareness of the importance of language learning in order to increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding;
  • promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe;
  • encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school.

It has become a tradition to celebrate the European Day of Languages at JEPVĢ. On Sept 26, 2019 the gymnasium language teachers organized activities and prepared tasks in the languages taught at the gymnasium: Latvian, English, German and Russian. The activities included several stages. At the beginning, a selected team representing each class received an instruction card and, following its instructions, accomplished all the tasks. The tasks were assessed by the language teachers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the students were preparing posters on the topic ” The European Languages – Our Treasure”.

After some time, all the students and teachers met in the Assembly Hall and presented their hometask –  to prepare and perform a song in some of the languages. There was also a poster exhibition.

Silvija Kivko